The Love Factor

The Love Factor

2020-2021 Rainbow Awards
Winner: Best Debut Book
Runner up: Contemporary Lesbian Romance
Runner up: Best Lesbian Book

2021 eLit Book Awards
Silver Medal: Romance

A smart, opposites-attract romance filled with nostalgia, edgy politics, and the forbidden thrills of lesbian love in the nineties.

Molly Cook is almost thirty, with dismal career prospects, and has given up on saving the world. It might be the nineties, and everything’s shoulder pads, Doc Martens, and The X-Files, but people won’t budge on gay rights. Molly decides to give a PhD a whirl but finds herself more interested in campus politics…and her strict and sexy statistics professor.

Professor Carmen Vaughn is stuck in small-town Maryland with smarmy blowhards for colleagues and ungrateful students who can’t handle her high standards. She has no intention of coming out, least of all to Molly, a troublemaking grad student who can’t stop picking fights with the conservative faculty.

But when Molly discovers evidence implicating a homophobic colleague in a scandal, Carmen can’t ignore it—even if the subject hits too close to home. As the two women work together to make their case, they grow closer than Carmen ever imagined. But she absolutely refuses to get involved with a student.

The thing is, as the chemistry builds between them, Molly isn’t sure she wants to be a grad student anymore…if she ever did.

Podcast interview

I talk about The Love Factor in this podcast that I recorded with fellow author Jenn Matthews. The interview went by in a disorienting blur of excitement and nerves, and now I’m afraid that I went off the rails and made cringey jokes or recited my Social Security number or something. At minimum, I’m sure I did that weird, high-pitched laugh that comes out under stress. Anyway, I’d rather not know. So you’re welcome to listen, but please don’t tell me what I said.

Audiobook Preview (Illustrated!)