ADHD = God’s gift to publishing

Yesterday, several people on Twitter posted about how the publishing industry discriminates against authors with ADHD.

As someone with ADHD (and a wonderful publisher, fortunately), I can tell you this is not only wrong but deeply misguided. Here is why all agents and publishers should want to work with us.

Priorities: Some writers procrastinate by cleaning the house. Not us—we don’t clean at all. My bed might be piled with dirty laundry and unpaid bills, but I can plop down in the middle of it and get right to work.

Social media presence: You don’t have to worry that we will neglect social media. Platforms like Twitter provide a steady drip of dopamine that we can’t live without.

We also generate loads of content. A fun symptom of my ADHD is that I can’t relax unless I’m creating something. For example, when I watch TV, I make beautiful collages for Instagram. (While not strictly related to my books, they have similar energy.)

Hyperfixation: We can be very obsessive! Often, we focus on one thing at the expense of our responsibilities, health, and relationships. If you play your cards right, we will focus on publishing books.

Wait—won’t that get annoying? In some situations, yes. But if you sign authors who live far away, you don’t have to worry about us showing up every time we have an idea. Folks with ADHD are notoriously bad at travel. We hate dealing with logistics. Plus, we can’t find our passports. So you’re safe—as long as you don’t check your email.

Fast-moving stories: Some authors get bogged down in lengthy, boring descriptions of scenery and other mundane things. Meanwhile, we need constant stimulation just to feel okay. I can’t even tolerate reading long descriptions. I certainly don’t have the patience to write them. 

Books about ADHD: Sometimes we write books about neurodivergent characters. For example, my forthcoming book, Worthy of Love, features a character with ADHD.

There is a huge potential audience of readers with ADHD, and they are easy to reach because they are always on social media (see above). You will sell so many books!

The only drawback I can imagine is that you might make so much money, it starts to cause problems in your life. Friends and family may hound you for cash, like what happens to lottery winners. But if you can handle that, authors with ADHD are a delight.

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