Rejected newsletter concepts

I recently founded Quinnsights, my author newsletter. Twenty-four hours later, I re-did the banner after some kind colleagues told me that it implied the newsletter would be depressing.

Sometimes, my first instinct is not the best one. In this case, though, I had to discard quite a few ideas. For example:

Newsletter concept 1

My forthcoming novel features a hot statistics professor. You don’t need to know stats to enjoy the book, but I figured many readers would be clamoring for more information about this exciting discipline. Maybe they would even want some equations to solve at home. Unfortunately, my friends told me that the probability of this happening is approximately zero. I needed something more engaging.

Newsletter concept 2

Sample: “WTF AMERICA?? Are you guys watching MSNBC right now? I mean, literally, what is this bullshit?? Also, I wrote a book. I’m too upset to find the link, so just google me or whatever. But seriously, WHAT THE FUCK.”

While heartfelt, I guess it was a bit negative and also unlikely to sell any books. Plus, we all get enough shouty political e-mails from our uncles. Lesfic readers want content they can’t get anywhere else. This led me to my next concept:

Newsletter concept 3

As you know, I am a very chill, low-maintenance author. One of my strategies is to ask myself a few questions before I send an email:

  • Is this really necessary?
  • Could I make the same point in fewer pages?
  • Is it possible that I am neurotically overthinking every little thing and grasping for affirmation to cope with my staggering anxiety?

This leaves me with a lot of content that never sees the light of day. Occasionally I post them on this blog, but in the end that’s not much better. So why not use the emails for my newsletter? Turns out, there are a lot of reasons. I tried again:

Newsletter concept 4

This one went live for a while, but as I mentioned earlier, it turned out to be a bit misguided about what people want from an author newsletter. So I tried another version:

Newsletter concept 5

I thought I fixed it, but apparently this was the newsletter banner version of those signs that are so specific, you just know something happened in the past. Like, “Absolutely NO burping show tunes in the waiting area.” You know what I mean. Anyway, I tried one more time.

Newsletter concept 6 (current version)

This one is my current banner, and I think it’s here to stay. I know hot pink isn’t everyone’s favorite color, but considering where I started… it’s not too bad, right?

If you’d like to experience this newsletter, which I hope will not be a total train wreck, you can subscribe here. (If you already subscribed, you’re good— it’s the same list with a different banner.)

I’m planning book updates, life updates (Quinn’s Qorner), recipes and artwork. What could go wrong? (subscribe to find out. 😬)