Any day now

my amazing editor will return my manuscript to me for the first round of revisions. I have been preparing my mind, body, and living space so that when it arrives, I can immerse myself in the book completely. Except when I’m working my full-time job, parenting, sleeping, or being an adequate wife. If I’m lucky I get about 40 minutes a day to myself. Anyway.

This weekend, I conducted my semi-annual cleaning of the bathroom and bedroom. I also took a break from my WIP after 20,000 words, which was tough but necessary for two reasons: 1) Rest brain to prevent burnout, and 2) Heal repetitive stress injury.

I do most of my writing on my phone, and unfortunately a recent streak of inspiration resulted in tendinitis in my wrist and thumb. You might wonder why I don’t use a computer — it’s because I don’t have the sort of life that allows me to loll about typing on keys like some pampered princess with endless free time (see paragraph one).

I am very excited to have an outlet for my book anxiety besides blathering about it on Twitter and sending lengthy e-mails to my poor editor who has been so patient and lovely. Everyone seems to think it will be hard for me to read the criticism, but honestly I cannot wait to rip this thing apart and fix it. My thumbs will be ready.

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