My author signature

Recently, it dawned on me that if this book thing works out, I will one day get to sign copies for adoring readers (and/or inflict free copies on my friends). This means I get to decide on a cool author signature! These are the options I’ve come up with so far.

“Sexy” – As a romance writer, it’s important to cultivate an image as an alluring, sensual person. This signature accomplishes that without giving too much away.

“Famous author” – This one signals that my autograph is in demand to the point where it has devolved to a slapdash scrawl. Fake it until you make it?

“2uinn Lvins” – This is how I was taught to write cursive as a child. Not really feeling it.

“Cat lady” – Probably the most authentic of the current options, this one is cute but a lot of work.

“Third grade” – I was going to add shading, but by the time I finished the block letters I realized this one was a non-starter.

“Whimsical” – Not sure if I should add a little hat or if that would be overkill.

“Political” – This one allows me to demand action from my comfortable couch. FYI those are supposed to be earths.

I’ll be testing these in a focus group (technically my wife) and revising the top three contenders for a scientific survey (Twitter poll). Stay tuned!

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