So I wrote a book

I should probably explain how this happened.

Last fall, I was having a hard time. My wife was in an accident, so I had to take care of our baby by myself — in addition to taking care of her, doing the housework, and working full time. I was always exhausted, and I had very little time for myself.

I started reading lesbian romance novels on my phone. I was already addicted to social media and news apps thanks to ADHD, so I didn’t really increase my screen time — I just decided to read a few pages on my e-reader app when I otherwise would have been checking Reddit or Twitter.

Then, I started writing on my phone. I used the Google Docs app and created documents with innocuous titles (“Cat vaccination record” and “Shopping list”) — but I was secretly outlining and writing a lesbian romance novel.

I finished the first draft in four months, which is a sobering indication of how much time I spend on my phone. Then, I sent it to two beta-readers and spent a couple of months revising the draft.

This spring, I submitted the manuscript to my favorite lesfic publisher, and they actually accepted it (more on that later). The book will come out some time in 2020. So I started this blog to document the publishing process, and because eventually (like, a year from now) I will need a website anyway.

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